Introducing the dedicated staff of Scandi Divers Resort

tintin scandi divers resort

Frontdesk Artist

Tintin is our Front Desk officer. She is your run-to for anything and everything you need to know about Puerto Galera (activities). Tintin is an active girl, she loves to walk and tour the guests during her free time. She also draws portraits as hobby and has made lots of works for our guests, also on her free time.

edna scandi divers resort diveshop

Diveshop Manager

Edna heads our dive team, making sure everything is planned and on set at the dive shop for our guests. At times, she’s quite a firm- but that’s just because she put safety on top of everything!

The Funny Fillman

Arman is our air fillman. Every day you will see him filling up tanks cautiously. He also helps around the dive shop, arranging equipments for guests and carrying tanks to boats. Everybody knows him for his unique high-pitch voice and jolly personality. Never a quiet moment at the dive shop with Arman!

Skyrocket Reservation Manager

You will meet Angel by name before you arrive at the resort as she is the one who responds in all guest’s inquiry. She is a skyrocket when it comes to guest’s requests: from accommodation to tiny-travel details.

momo scuba instructor scandi divers resort

Friendly Instructor

Momo is one of our Chinese Instructors. Momo is the friendliest instructor- she will meet all Chinese guests in the house, making here the go-to for translation.

Mighty Maintenance Head

Eddie heads the Maintenance department: Making sure all amenities are up and running for the guests’ convenience. Eddie moves fast and is good in supervision. He can finish construction projects in days together with his team. He also has a perfect grin.

sscandi divers resort mechanic michael

Mechanical Captain

Michael works double for us: a boat captain and engine mechanic. Having Captain Michael on boat is surely safe as he is an expert on engine games.

Dive Site Captain

Freddie is our other boat captain. He has been working as a boat captain for almost a decade now, and is 100% expert in locating dive sites, night and day!

freddy crew captain scandi divers resort

Crew Captain

Jason is our newest boat captain, yet doesn’t make him any less of an expert on boat and dive sites. He started as a crew, and has become a boat captain reliever just recently.

gerbert scandi divers resort diveshop

Diveshop Crew

Gerbert is kind of like Robin to Arman, and the rest of the Captains. He is the all-around guy in the dive shop.

The Baker

Amy is our pastry-cook. She comes to work early everyday to make sure we only serve fresh bread, dough and pasta. She bakes sweet desserts for resort events too!

zay anne scandi divers resort

Zay Anne
Miss Photogenic

Zay Anne is one of the best smiles in the resort. From taking orders all the way to serving it, she is all smiles.

minday scandi divers resort housekeeper

Gentle Housekeeper

Minday is one of the housekeepers. She knocks on your door gently everyday to clean your room.

The Happiest Girl

Chelle comes to work every day ready to giggle and tease around. She will take and serve your order happily.

Waitress Diva

Marj is our superstar / waitress. She serves you food during the day, and entertains you at special nights. She is small girl packed with great talent in singing and dancing.

Mom Chef

Nalyn is one of our chef cook. She cooks like-your-mom, so you will never really miss home-cook meals while on holidays.


Roger is one of our maintenance gents, and is the electrical expert.

Cool Divemaster

Serious Instructor

Sassy Instructor

Freelance Divemaster

Freelance Divemaster

Accounting Head

Young Chef

Hyper Divemaster

Strict Instructor

All around maintenance

F&B Supervisor


Line Cook

Security Guard

Assistant Resort Manager

Colourful Instructor

The heavily inked Irishman we all know and love.