PADI Scuba Diving Courses

If you are in Puerto Galera and don’t have a Scuba Diving certification already, our team of highly qualified and skilled Diving Instructors can have you in the water in no time!

For those who have never scuba dived before, and would like to try it before committing to a full course, the Discover Scuba Diving course is your quick-start to Scuba Diving, and will have you in the water in only a couple of hours!

For certified Scuba Divers who wish to extend their knowledge and skills, we offer specialities and courses all the way up to Divemaster

NAUI Scuba Diving Courses

We have 2 permanent NAUI certified Instructors for those who would like to do NAUI Scuba Diving Courses.

See PADI courses See NAUI courses

Fun Dives

Our Dive Center does regular Fun Dives every day, starting from early in the morning, through the day, and we also offer Night Dives for those looking for an extra level of adventure!

We also offer day trips to the incredible Verde Island, arguably the best scuba diving site in Puerto Galera.

See below for Fun Dive and Equipment rental rates

Diving Insurance

Dive Assure offers scuba divers a variety of superb Insurance and Assistance programs, on various levels, to cover all needs of both diving locally and when traveling overseas.

dive assure scuba diving insurance

For your peace of mind, visit the Dive Assure website and find out more about their excellent dive travel and accident assurance.

Our experienced and friendly diving instructors teach in English, French, Chinese, Tagalog, Danish, Swedish, Spanish and Italian!

Recreational Fun Dives

Rack up your dives with a guided boat dive to any of over 30 premium dive sites in the vicinity. Individual dives cost $35, with 10% discount on 10 or more dives as a package.

Night Dives

Discover the amazing nightime biodiversity of Puerto Galera

Full Equipment Rental

If you haven’t travelled with your gear, our Dive Centre offers a full range of equipment for all sizes.

Rent a full set of equipment for $14 per day excluding Torch & Computer.

Torch Rental : $7

Computer Rental : $10

Ask your sales representative for a rental package when you book your trip, or organise in resort with your Dive Guide / Instructor

Nitrox Dives

If you are a Nitrox certified Diver, then just bring your certification with you and you are ready to dive.

Technical Fun Dives

Depending on your certification level, you have a choice of over 15 dive sites ideal for a variety of Technical dives.


We do not supply any technical diving equipment as standard. If you have any questions regarding doing tech diving with us, please feel free to contact us.

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

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PADI Open Water Diver Course

$US 450 | Duration: 3-4 days

The Open Water Diver course is the most popular of all diving courses and is recognized all over the world. This is your admission ticket to intense and unforgettable scuba diving experiences for the rest of your life!

The scuba course concentrates on the fundamental aspects of diving, such as diving equipment and diving technique. During the  course you will dive four times in open water and complete five parts of theoretical instruction. The course lasts from three to four days. When you have passed the scuba course you are a “Certified Open Water Diver“. This allows you to dive together with a friend. He or she must also have passed the scuba dive course, but you do not need to be accompanied by a professional diver. We do however recommend that you have at least 30-50 logged dives under your belt before you consider diving without a certified dive master. And then only in areas you are intimately familiar with.

padi open water diver course

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

$US 350 | Duration: 2-3 days

When you’ve passed the Open Water Course you can go on to the advanced course. This course is focused on five parts. The first two – Depth (down to 30 meters (juniors max 21)) and Navigation – are required. For the remaining three you can choose between the following:

  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Wreck Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • Night Diver
padi advanced open water course puerto galera

PADI Rescue Diver

$US 450 | Duration: 2-3 days

The PADI Rescue Diver program develops your knowledge and skills so you can effectively perform diver assists and rescues, manage diving accident situations and render first aid. The program is an important step in expanding your knowledge and experience as a diver. PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) certification is also a prerequisite for all PADI leadership programs.

To get into the PADI Rescue Diver program, you’ll need to be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or Advanced Plus (or equivalent) and must be at least 15 years old and logged 20 dives. You’ll also need to have successfully completed the EFR course or a sanctioned program in CPR within the past two years.

The PADI Rescue Diver program covers:

  • Self-rescue and diver stress
  • Diving first aid
  • Emergency management and equipment considerations
  • Swimming and non swimming assists
  • Panicked diver response
  • Underwater problems
  • Missing diver procedures
  • Surfacing the unconscious diver
  • In-water artificial respiration
  • Eegress (exits)
  • First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
    dive accident scenarios.
padi rescue diver course puerto galera

PADI Bubble Maker Course

$US 90 | Duration: 3 hours

The PADI Bubble Maker course is as fun as it sounds; and an exciting and educational experience for your child.

Children from 8 years and up, under close professional supervision, can learn to use scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim around in shallow water during this wonderful introduction to Scuba Diving.

padi bubble maker kids scuba diving course

Discover Scuba Diving

$US 90 | Duration: 2 hours

A dive course that only takes two hours to complete: An introduction to diving, a little theory, and then a scuba dive in the ocean.

After completing the scuba dive course you get a “vacation certificate” which is valid for 14 days, during which time you can do follow-up dives (which must be accompanied by an instructor and to a maximum depth of 12 meters). You can also use this diving course as the first part of an Open Water Diver course in case you get a taste for more…

You must be at least 10 years old to take this diving course.

PADI Scuba Diver Course

$US 310 | Duration: 2 days

The PADI Scuba Diver course is a subset of the PADI Open Water Diver course. If you’re short on time but really want to become a diver, the PADI Scuba Diver rating might be right for you, particularly if you expect to go scuba diving primarily with a dive guide. This course is an intermediate step for earning an Open Water Diver certification, if that’s your ultimate goal.

padi scuba diver course puerto galera

PADI Adventure Diver Course

$US 280 | Duration: 1-2 days

You must have completed the Open Water course before this Course.

This course includes three dives: Two of these – Navigation and Depth – are required. The last dive is your choice between Night, Current, Multi-level, Wreck, and Naturalist (where you learn about corals and fish).

The age requirement for this course is 12 years, and if you are under 15 years the certificate is called Junior Adventure Diver. The 3 dives in this course can be credited to the Advanced Open Water Course.

PADI adventure diver course puerto galera

PADI Emergency First Responder (EFR)

$US 200 | Duration: 1 day

The  EFR  program covers basic training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency care. In addition, it’s a medically based program covering primary care, secondary care and treatments following national consensus guidelines. The program is designed for divers and non-divers, and also meets the CPR and first aid prerequisite for earning your PADI Advanced Plus rating and PADI Rescue Diver.

This course is a prerequisite for taking the PADI Rescue Diver (unless you have taken a first-aid course within the last two years). So if you’re seeking CPR/first aid training to meet a diving program requirement or for personal enhancement, this program is for you.

padi emergency first response efr course puerto galera

PADI Discover Nitrox Course

$US 60 | Duration: 1 days

Short introductory scuba dive course for diving with Nitrox, an enriched air mixture that gives you the ability to dive longer and get into the water again sooner after a dive.

padi discover nitrox course puerto galera

PADI Nitrox Specialty Course

$US 280 | Duration: 2 days

More in-depth Nitrox scuba dive course. With Nitrox you can save time: You can stay under water longer You can do another dive again quicker.

The course only requires that you already have an Open Water certificate, and (and thereby that you also are above 15 years of age). Without an Advanced Open Water Course you may only dive to a depth of 18 meters. This scuba dive course takes approx. 1 day of self study plus dives taking 1 day. Depth 30 meters.

Price includes PADI manual and 2 dives.

padi nitrox course puerto galera

PADI Specialty Dive Courses

$US 60 / DIVE

The following Specialty courses cost USD 60 per dive plus PIC/Manual on top. Please see below for the number of dives needed to complete each course.

Course / No of Dives:

  • Deep Diver / 4
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy / 2
  • Underwater Naturalist / 2
  • Wreck Diver / 4
  • Drift Diver / 2
  • Multilevel Diver / 2
  • Night Diver / 3
  • Search & Recovery Diver / 4
  • Underwater Navigator / 3
padi specialty dive courses puerto galera

PADI Dive Master Course

US$ 999

This scuba dive course qualifies you to be a guide for other divers in the local area and includes 20 dives. The course requires that you have already completed Advanced Open Water, EFR and Rescue Divers Courses.

On the Divemaster course you will learn many things that are also useful in daily life, in the areas of responsibility, physiology, psychology, management, first aid in- and out of the water, servicing equipment as well as daily planning.

Note: You need 40 logged dives to start the course.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the duration of a Divemaster course.

padi divemaster course puerto galera scandi divers resort

Refresher course

US$ 75 | 2 hours

Lots of people don’t get to dive regularly, just when they’re on vacation holiday. So some time can pass and you forget stuff.

This refresher course at is for those that haven’t been diving for a while and want to refresh the most important points and practices.

Please note, this is not a PADI certification.

scuba tune up puerto galera

PADI eLEarning

Why spend your valuable holiday time in the classroom, instead of in the water?

If you’re looking for a flexible way to fit a scuba certification into your busy schedule or if you just prefer web based learning, then PADI’s online scuba programs are the way to go. Whether you want to take scuba lessons for beginners or you’re ready to advance your scuba skills training, PADI eLearning is a convenient way to learn.

You can get started immediately with scuba knowledge development and work at your own pace using the PADI eLearning system.

PADI continually adapts course content for online delivery, which means you should check back regularly to view newly released online programs.

Click here to see PADI online courses
padi elearning

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