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Puerto Galera Dive Sites Featured on UNTV

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This video is 3 episodes of UNTV’s show THE DIVE, featuring Scandi Divers Resort, and highlights several of Puerto Galera’s most popular dive sites, including the amazing Verde Island!

Ernie’s Point & Hole in The Wall dive sites, with UNTV

The first installment of UNTV’s features on scuba diving in Puerto Galera, with Scandi DIvers Resort.

Learn all about the incredible marine life to be found at Ernie’s Point and Hole in The Wall dive sites.

UNTV: THE DIVE | Explore the breathtaking underwater view of Verde Island

UNTV showcases one of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera: Verde Island

Video – Puerto Galera Dive Sites Highlights

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Thanks to Roni from Planet Hero for yet another beautiful video showing the best of what Puerto Galera has to offer.


Verde Island Dive Trip for Amal’s Birthday

Some great photos from Amal’s birthday trip to the always impressive Verde Island, widely considered to be the best dive site in Puerto Galera.

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Get yourself to Verde Island and Dive with Scandi Divers Resort!

verde island puerto galera philippines

If you are diving the Philippines, as a visitor, a resident or an expatriate; Verde Island needs to be on your scuba-safari bucket list. Situated between Batangas and the island of Mindoro, Verde Island is a day trip away from Puerto Galera (as well as Sabang and White Beach). The area around Verde Island boasts some of the best diving in the area, which is to say some of the best diving anywhere in the world. Depending on the tide, the currents in the area run from tepid to strong. This dive is therefore best suited to more experienced divers with an advanced PADI open water certification.

With over 300 coral species, the area (known as the “coral triangle) is considered one of the largest and most diverse concentrations of coral found anywhere. The pristine coral attracts an astonishing array of marine lifeincluding dense schools of anthia fish, dolphins, fans,sea whips, sea snakes,rays, reef sharks, as well as endangered species such as hawksbill turtles, olive ridley turtles, green turtles, humphead wrasses, giant groupers and giant clams.

Because Verde Island is some distance from our location on Big La Laguna, you should coordinate with Scandi’s dive team to organize a day trip to remember. It’s best to enlist a few like-minded advanced divers for the trip to share the cost of the boat and crew. More importantly, you’ll definitely want to compadres for the experience as you explore the stunning beauty of a Verde Island Dive.

Verde Island Dive Trip Logistics: The boat leaves early in the morning to catch the proper tides for diving Pinnacle, Coral Garden or Washing Machine. Scandi will organize a dive master and crew who will take care of your gear and lunch after your two dives. The crew brings drinking water and towels as well as most everything you need besides a camera (which you will definitely want). Typically the dives are separated by a surface interval followed by lunch on the beach before you head back to Scandi in the early afternoon.

The Pinnacle/Drop Off

The Pinnacle is a massive reef located on the east side of Verde Island. Your boat will drop you near the point or pinnacle of the reef where you descend to explore the amazing variety of coral and marine life denizens of the reef formation. It’s important to maintain buoyancy and stay with the dive master as the current is best gaged by a diver with plenty of Verde Island experience to ensure you don’t get blown off the wall or caught in a rogue up or down current. As you traverse through the dive, you will see large fan coral, sponges and large schools of juvenile triggerfish, butterfly fish and antheas. The area is so abundant with life, that the schools actually obscure the surface. The variety of marine life as well as the hard and soft coral together with great visibility make this Puerto Galera’s premier dive.

Washing Machine

After the stunning experience of the Drop Off, Washing Machine makes for a wholly different scuba experience. Depending on the tidal conditions when you dive, you might experience currents that rip across several shallow canyons that push you in different directions or a great, shallow dive for photographing sea life and coral. Besides a wild current ride, you can see schooling fish and occasionally pelagics such as tuna, traveled or reef sharks. With the current churning, hence the name “Washing Machine,” it may shift direction unexpectedly and so the dive is reserved for experienced divers with and experienced guide.

Tech Divers with a Turtle – Video

You know how much we love our turtles, so here’s another vid of a beautiful turtle happily munching away, with tech divers Marti Duggan and Steve Wright lurking in the background 😉

Dive Sites of Puerto Galera : Sabang Wrecks Video

A short video of the steel hull wreck on the Sabang Wrecks dive site in Puerto Galera

Only a minute away from the shoreline, Sabang wrecks is one of the most popular dive sites in the area, and often first on the list if it’s your first time diving in Puerto Galera. There are 3 wrecks making up the site: 2 wooden hull skeletons, and a steel hull yacht. All three of the wrecks are teeming with an incredible amount of fish and coral, and sit at a max depth of about 21m, making it suitable for newbies as well as experienced divers 🙂

Make sure Sabang Wrecks is on your Diving in Puerto Galera ‘to-do’ list!