The Scandi Kitchen Team will Tantalise Your Tastebuds!

After exploring our forty extraordinary dive sites you’ll be feeling pretty ravenous, and we aim to keep you well nourished with exquisite meals!

Our kitchen team is lead by head chef Ivan Balita. You’ll sample foods from across the world. Your taste buds will dance with joy after each mouthful. From authentic pizzas, Thai curries, colossal cheeseburgers and local classics like Roasted lechon. Nobody loses any weight while staying with us that’s for sure!

Our chefs cater for any dietary requirements with many vegetarian options on our menu.

scandi divers resort kitchen team

Chef Profile – Ivan Balita

Where are you from? 
Sinandigan, Puerto Galera

What age did you start to cook? 

What is your favorite dish to cook? 
Local – Bicol Express ; International – Chicken Wrapped in Bacon.

Who is your favorite chef? 
My mentor, Chef Warren (Australia) and Chef Toby (Filipino)

What food do you least like to to cook?
Cordon Bleu

Tell us about your diving experiences.
I have a lot of diving experiences. I’ve been in Tubbataha, and other liveaboard routes in the Philippines. I’m currently AOW certified. I’m always amazed by all different species offered at each destination from the smallest to the biggest creatures.

Ready to make the memories of a lifetime?