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Scuba Diving Day Trips to Verde Island, Puerto Galera

The highlight of the Puerto Galera diving adventure is a day trip to Verde Island. It’s takes one hour to cross the Verde Island Passage by large banca boat. You can enjoy the wonderful views of the Mindoro coastline and maybe the chance to see some dolphins in the channel. It’s typically a full day out so towel, sunglasses and sun lotion are a must.

We spend the morning at one of the Philippines signature dives. ‘The Drop off’ will be etched in your memory forever. Once you descend, you’d wish you brought your umbrella as it’s raining fish down there. Millions of tiny orange anthias call this place home, they dart around in the current feeding in the nutrient rich water. Along the wall look out for moray eels and multiple giant frog fish, super-sized nudibranchs are getting fat eating the abundance of tunicates. The soft xenia corals open and close also making a grab for plankton as it drifts by.

scuba diving verde island philippines

On reaching the deeper outer edge of the pinnacle schools of jacks, tuna and wide mouth mackerel fill the water. On the reef oriental sweetlips and hawksbill turtles hang out. Giant three-meter-wide sea fans are found on the reef plateau, keep eyes out in the blue as every year there are a handful of whale shark encounters at Verde Island.

After an exhilarating morning we either enjoy lunch on the boat or on a beach camp on Verde Island. A sumptuous selection of freshly barbequed fish and meats await served with all the trimmings. Fresh mango’s and watermelons add a refreshing dimension to the feast.

verde island day trip puerto galera

verde island day trip puerto galera


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