DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) – A Wonderful Adventure!

discover scuba diving in Puerto Galera Philippines

Earlier this year Scandi Divers Resort offered resort staff the chance to experience the thrill of scuba diving for the first time, and see what all the fuss is about. Here is Milcah Manocsoc’s account of her experience, in her own words:

Nowadays, most people may be fond of hiking, trekking, camping or other outdoor activities. Meanwhile if you’re looking for a new adventure , scuba diving is a perfect must-try. As a beach lover, this is my most wanted kind of adventure on the sea and is definitely on top of my bucket list.

And there came a wonderful day when I was finally able to check scuba diving off on my bucket list. This happened on March 29, 2019, when I have experienced one of the most wonderful adventure of my life.

As a first timer I have felt mixed emotions, a day before my scheduled free DSD experience all I felt was pure excitement. Come the morning on that day, Kuya Rey, our instructor, met us to finally start the diving course wherein he played a video showing how scuba diving was done and all the equipments to be used and also how it works. During that time I really felt nervous and realized that it will not be easy as what I have thought.

Before, when I’m just seeing people scuba diving, my perspective is, if you know how to swim and have tried snorkeling, it will all be easy but I was wrong. You have to know many important things about it. From the gear that you need to use, up to your first breath under water.

After watching the video, we went straight to the dive shop to wear our diving suits and then our instructor Kuya Rey taught us the uses of each piece of gear that we’ll be using and taught us some skills when we went to the swimming pool. First, using the regulator, BCD (Bouyancy Control Device), inflating and deflating, and I was just amazed while our instructor was demonstrating every skills. He also taught us the hand signals. The hardest part for me was trying not to breathe through my mouth. My instructor knows whenever I use my nose to breathe because my mask becomes very foggy. It was really tricky. He also taught us three basic skills which are regulator clearing, regulator recovery and mask clearing.

scuba diving in puerto galera philippines

After making sure that we already know all the things we need to know, Kuya Rey then instructed us to go to the sea. I was guided underwater by Kuya Rey and I was really nervous going down because I am very used on being just in the surface.

As we explored the underwater world, I eventually became comfortable knowing that Kuya Rey was with me and I am in good hands. But what really made me comfortable was seeing the underwater creatures. I was able to have a face-to-face with nemo and saw his home. I was totally amazed with all the different kinds of fish and the coral that will automatically close whenever it was bothered just like the “makahiya” plant on land. It was indeed a fluttering moment for me seeing all those beautiful creatures that we didn’t get to see everyday.

After that dive I realized how much I really love the sea. Not only it makes you feel calm and at peace once you’re at the sea but it will literally blow your mind when you see the amazing creatures there is living under it.

I feel very grateful being part of the Scandi Divers and for letting their staff experience this one of a kind adventure. This is unforgettable, I hope there is more to come!