Lefeet P1 Underwater Scooters coming to Scandi Divers Resort on June 26th 2024

LEFEET P1: Versatile Underwater Scooter With Modular Design

Introducing the LEFEET P1: Redefine Underwater Mobility

Dive into a world of underwater exploration with the LEFEET P1, the cutting-edge underwater scooter designed to redefine your aquatic adventures. This sleek and powerful device combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, offering a thrilling and effortless way to navigate the depths of the ocean.

  • Modular Design ( Handheld, Tank Mount, Leg Mount, Dual Rail, SUP Mount)
  • Light Weight (less than 2.3kg / 5lb)
  • Wireless Control
  • Camera Mount
  • Airplane Legal
  • Waterproof to 60m

Quick and easy assembly

Say goodbye to time-consuming setups! With our quick-release structure, you can assemble batteries and accessories without any tools.

With a weight of 5 pounds, LEFEET P1 will unleash its full potential as it propels you through the underwater adventure at an incredible speed of up to 2.3 meters per second or 5.1 miles per hour, providing an exciting and unparalleled underwater experience for users.

Want to try it out?

These amazing scooters will be available to rent per dive or for longer periods, and can also be purchased from Scandi Divers!

Contact us for more information and to get your chance to try out one of these cutting edge underwater scooters! Message us through our Facebook Page or email info@scandidiversresoert.com