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The island of Mindoro is located approximately 140km (90 miles) south of Manila. Generally speaking, you can get from Manila, by car/bus and boat in about half a day, depending on traffic and boat schedules.

Scandi Divers Resort is located at the northeastern tip of the island, on Big La Laguna Beach, just a couple of bays along from the original main diving beach, Sabang.

Places of Interest in Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera and the surrounding areas have plenty of interesting places to visit, including beaches (obviously) and waterfalls, as well as bars and restaurants, and even an extreme sports park. We’ve put some of the most popular attractions in Puerto Galera onto the map below. Please ask our friendly staff if you would like more information about visiting any these locations.

Click a location marker for information and photos/video.


Scuba Diving Sites in Puerto Galera

scuba diving sites of puerto galera philippines

For more information and photos from some of the more popular dive sites in Puerto Galera, please visit our Dive Sites page.

Scandi Divers Resort Location and Surrounds

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