A Blast from The Past!

diving puerto galera bob hudson-terry-odowd
A younger Bob Hudson and Terry O’Dowd!
Our resort manager and dive instructor Terry O’Dowd recently had a visit from a friend of his, Bob Hudson, who he met way back in 1987. Back in the day, Bob was actually Terry’s diving instructor, but hasn’t been diving now for 20 years!

Now the roles are reversed and Bob is back in the water, after doing a refresher course, with Terry as his instructor!

Bob is here with his mate Simon Gray who is experiencing Puerto Galera for the first time, and they’ve been in the water like fishes! They’ve done lots of dives with Terry, and got some cool video on the Alma Jane Wreck, and Bob even decided to do his Nitrox speciality.

What better a way to reunite with old friends than on a Scuba Diving holiday in a tropical paradise?

diving puerto galera bob hudson terry odowd simon gray
Older, wiser and better-looking 😉 Simon, Bob and Terry