In Honour of our Good Friend Steve Wright – R.I.P.

On the morning of Sept 10 2014, Steve Wright’s ashes were laid to rest with a beautiful memorial that 15 of his friends and dive buddies took down to the ocean floor in Big La Laguna Bay.

Steve was a highly skilled technical diving instructor with a great love of the ocean, and I can’t imagine a better way to honour his memory than this behemoth of a memorial, weighing close to 100kg in total, which now rests in perpetuity 22 meters below the sea.

Huge thanks and respect to everyone involved, especially Terry O’Dowd from Scandi Divers for creating such an amazing memorial and coordinating the dive, and Rob Jacobs for filming and editing this great video, so that we can share this very sad but also very special day with all who knew and cared about Steve.

Steve would have been very happy and very proud to see such a show of friendship and solidarity in his honour today.

Rest in Peace good buddy.