Puerto Galera Restaurants – Eat Like a King at Scandi Divers

When you stay here, you’ll probably be surprised by the amount of Puerto Galera restaurants. There is everything – from super-cheap “turo turos” where the locals eat, all the way to fine-dining restaurants with professional chefs and delightful dishes. After scuba diving, enjoy a tasty meal!

If you stay at Scandi Divers, you will get to experience our food, which is popular among locals and tourists alike. While we are near the end of Big La Laguna beach, people often come all the way from Sabang to taste our food.

Why would they do that?

First, because it’s tasty. In the Philippines, it can be hard to get tasty food, especially when you’re traveling. But at Scandi Divers, we try to make the tastiest food in the area because we know how much our guests enjoy it. That’s why many think we have one of the best Puerto Galera restaurants.

The second reason why people love it is the variety. At most Puerto Galera restaurants, there is very little variety. Your choices are limited to Filipino food and a small selection of common Western dishes. Like finding tasty food, it can be very hard to find a wide variety of food. That’s why Scandi endeavours to make the most tasty, delightful food in the area.

To show you what we meen, here’s a quick snapshot of just a few things on our menu:

Puerto Galera Restaurant Food

  • American Breakfast: toasted bread, ham or bacon, eggs, butter and jam, coffee or tea, orange juice
  • Poached egg on toast: toasted bread topped w/ poached egg, coffee or tea, orange juice
  • Ham, egg, baked beans on toast: toasted bread w/ ham, egg and baked beans, coffee or tea, orange juice
  • Onion rings: sliced onion ring in beer butter
  • Calamares: sliced calamares, choices in Japanese breadcrumbs or beet butter
  • Garlic bread: minced garlic in rolled bread
  • Caesar salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, croutons, onion and bacon, w/caesar dressing
  • Beef caldereta: sauted beef, w/ tomato sauce, peanut butter, pickles, bell pepper and spice with rice
  • Vegetable curry: mixed vegetables w/curry powder in coconut milk
  • Pork cordon bleu: with buttered vegetables and fries
  • Pork Parmiagaina: pork gently pan fried in tomato, onion, garlic and parmesan
  • Frikadeller: with potato chips and salad
  • Grilled prawns: served w/garlic rice or steamed vegetables
  • Scandinavian burger: with bacon, egg and cheese
  • Bratwurst sausage: served w/ french fries and salad
  • Aussie sausage: with fried onion o top, served w/ cub potato and vegetables