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Technical and Sidemount Diving at Scandi Divers

technical diving puerto galera
Tech Diving Instructors Steve Wright and Terry O’Dowd – Ready for a tech dive

Scandi Divers Resort is very pleased to announce that we have are now offering Sidemount diving and Technical diving, as courses and recreational dives.

What is Sidemount Diving?

Sidemount diving offers a completely new way to configure your diving equipment and has taken the diving community by storm over the last few years. Sidemount diving offers great streamlining capability and helps divers to improve their propulsion and trim. This has an immediate effect on your air consumption, and makes you a more efficient diver. Sidemount diving is also ideal for divers with back problems!

Sidemount diving in Puerto Galera
Terry helping instructor Fred, after a sidemount traning dive.

Technical Diving with Scandi: IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix courses.

For divers wishing to explore the depths beyond the limits of recreational diving, Trimix is the clear choice. A breathing mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen, Trimix allows you to manage the risks of elevated oxygen concentrations and nitrogen narcosis, giving you a clear head when it really matters… You’ll discover the benefits of Trimix diving and learn to assess and manage the hazards associated with extended range diving. You’ll develop your dive skills to safely and competently plan and conduct dives utilising Helium-based breathing gases.

This course is deisgned to introduce divers to safe decompression diving using helium, and up to 100% O2 for deco gas.

Twin tank diving in Puerto Galera
Twin tank diving offers extra redundancy and safety as well as extended range.

Contact us to find out about doing technical or sidemount diving and courses with Scandi Divers Resort!

Congratulations to our newest Open Water Students, Miguel and Alex!

puerto galera open water scuba diver course

Well done to Miguel and Alex, seen above with Scandi Divers instructor Rey. They both recently completed their PADI Open Water course with us and are now qualified Scuba Divers for life!

Scuba Diving courses in Puerto Galera

Check this page for a full list of courses available, and contact us if you would love to get your own qualification as a PADI Open Water Diver! The Open Water course is the most popular of all the PADI courses, and gives you an international lifetime qualification.

At Scandi Divers we offer PADI courses taught by highly skilled professionals with years of experience and local knowledge. Puerto Galera is an amazing place to learn how to scuba dive. Our diving resort is located on Big La Laguna Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and is only minutes away from the dozens of world-class dive sites Puerto Galera has to offer.

Take a vacation in our beautiful tropical paradise and discover the joys of scuba diving at the same time!

Discover Scuba Diving in Puerto Galera!

Discover scuba diving in Puerto Galera

Congratulations to Maria Teresa on completing her Discover Scuba Diving course, pictured here with her instructor Rey.

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving course is a great way to find out if you are comfortable using scuba equipment underwater, without having to invest lots of time or money. The DSD can be completed in only a few hours, and you will have done your very first scuba dive!

Your instructor will spend a couple of hours to familiarise you with the scuba equipment, and basic underwater safety skills, before doing a short session in the swimming pool to put that knowledge into practice. After that you and your instructor will do a shore dive, from the beach in front our resort, where you will experience the wonders of Puerto Galera’s underwater world for the very first time. (under close supervision of course)

Should you wish to take your diver training further, the DSD also counts towards the PADI Open Water Course.

Thanks to the ‘I love Diving’ Group from Shanghai

Many thanks to the ‘I Love Diving’ scuba-travel group from Shanghai, who spent a fun-filled few days with us at Scandi Divers recently. Lots of diving, and lots of fun!

Shanghai diving in Puerto Galera

While they were here they made sure to take a trip to the ever-impressive Verde Island dive site (not to be missed!) and finished off the trip with a delicious group dinner that turned into a quite a party, as you can see from the photos.

We had a great time with the ‘I love Diving’ group, and hope to see them all again soon!

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Frolicking in Big La Laguna Bay

diving puerto galera scandi divers resortA few quick photos of the boys and girls having some fun in the shallows of beautiful Big La Laguna Bay, while Momo had to do her surface swim as part of her scuba course. It’s true what they say… it’s more fun in the Philippines!

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Dive Sites of Puerto Galera : Sabang Wrecks Video

A short video of the steel hull wreck on the Sabang Wrecks dive site in Puerto Galera

Only a minute away from the shoreline, Sabang wrecks is one of the most popular dive sites in the area, and often first on the list if it’s your first time diving in Puerto Galera. There are 3 wrecks making up the site: 2 wooden hull skeletons, and a steel hull yacht. All three of the wrecks are teeming with an incredible amount of fish and coral, and sit at a max depth of about 21m, making it suitable for newbies as well as experienced divers 🙂

Make sure Sabang Wrecks is on your Diving in Puerto Galera ‘to-do’ list!

Dive Sites in Puerto Galera – Hole in The Wall Video

Our resort manager and dive instructor Terry O’Dowd took this short video of him and his student Momo doing the swim-through at the Hole in The Wall dive site in Puerto Galera.

The Hole in The Wall is truly a world-class dive site, and a favourite amongst divers here. Located at Escarcio Point, divers drop in to 9m of water above beautiful fields of coral, before descending through several drop offs to reach the hole at about 13m.

After doing the swim through (watch your tank valve!) you come out in a wide area where you can often see large fish such as Trevallies, Jacks and Sweetlips playing in the current when the tide is right.

Definitely one to put on your list if you are diving in Puerto Galera!

A Blast from The Past!

diving puerto galera bob hudson-terry-odowd
A younger Bob Hudson and Terry O’Dowd!
Our resort manager and dive instructor Terry O’Dowd recently had a visit from a friend of his, Bob Hudson, who he met way back in 1987. Back in the day, Bob was actually Terry’s diving instructor, but hasn’t been diving now for 20 years!

Now the roles are reversed and Bob is back in the water, after doing a refresher course, with Terry as his instructor!

Bob is here with his mate Simon Gray who is experiencing Puerto Galera for the first time, and they’ve been in the water like fishes! They’ve done lots of dives with Terry, and got some cool video on the Alma Jane Wreck, and Bob even decided to do his Nitrox speciality.

What better a way to reunite with old friends than on a Scuba Diving holiday in a tropical paradise?

diving puerto galera bob hudson terry odowd simon gray
Older, wiser and better-looking 😉 Simon, Bob and Terry