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Puerto Galera Dive Sites Featured on UNTV

puerto galera dive sites philippines

This video is 3 episodes of UNTV’s show THE DIVE, featuring Scandi Divers Resort, and highlights several of Puerto Galera’s most popular dive sites, including the amazing Verde Island!

Video – Puerto Galera Dive Sites Highlights

scuba diving in the philippines video scandi divers resort

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Thanks to Roni from Planet Hero for yet another beautiful video showing the best of what Puerto Galera has to offer.


Sweetlips at Canyons Dive Site

Canyons is one of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera, but only recommended for advanced divers due to the 32m depth and strong currents.

Canyons is a large area consisting of 3 canyons that bottom out a maximum depth of approximately 32m. The strong currents attract large shoals of tuna, barracuda, jackfish etc.

A great dive if you are qualified!

Frogfish at Sabang Wrecks, Puerto Galera

Check out this beautiful Frogfish captured at the Sabang Wrecks dive site.

Puerto Galera is a scuba diver’s paradise with an astonishing amount of tropical marine life and around 40 dive sites within a few minutes boat ride of our resort.

Mimic Octopus Video – Diving in Puerto Galera

Thanks to our guest Chaz for this footage of a beautiful mimic octopus, found while doing his Advanced Open Water Course with Scandi Divers Resort diving instructor Conan Fagan.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Frolicking with a Lionfish – Video

Thanks to Scandi Divers Resort manager and dive instructor Terry O’Dowd for this great footage of one of our divers filming this very beautiful, and very relaxed Lionfish.

Puerto Galera is blessed with an abundance of Lionfish and you can expect to see these gorgeous creatures at most of the dive sites. The cargo hold of The Alma Jane wreck is home to many Lionfish. Quite amazing!

Sabang Bay – Banded Sea Snake Video

Thanks to our resort manager / dive instructor Terry O’Dowd for catching this video of a Sea Snake eating a Garden Eel. Quite amazing how quickly it is able to devour the eel!

Sea snakes and countless other incredible sea creatures are in abundance in the water of Puerto Galera. You will be amazed by the quantity and diversity of tropical marine life to been seen while scuba diving here. If you are an underwater photographer, Puerto Galera should be at the top of your list of places to visit for a scuba diving holiday!

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Tech Divers with a Turtle – Video

You know how much we love our turtles, so here’s another vid of a beautiful turtle happily munching away, with tech divers Marti Duggan and Steve Wright lurking in the background 😉