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Tech Divers with a Turtle – Video

You know how much we love our turtles, so here’s another vid of a beautiful turtle happily munching away, with tech divers Marti Duggan and Steve Wright lurking in the background 😉

Scandi’s Baby Turtles before their trip to Coco Beach

Just a snort snippet of the 54 baby turtles that hatched recently near Scandi Divers. The baby turtles have been moved to Coco Beach as part of their Turtle Sanctuary program, and will remain there for 2-3 years before being released. Hopefully with a better chance of surviving to adulthood.

We wish them the best and will be popping in to visit them when we can 🙂

Diving with a Turtle in Big La Laguna Bay – Video

Thanks to Finn for this video of our divers swimming along with a beautiful turtle in Big La Laguna Bay, just outside Scandi Divers Resort. There’s some really nice close-up stuff about 1 minute in.

Turtles are regular visitors to Big La Laguna, and one of our favourites. So graceful in the water, they are an absolute pleasure to watch up close.

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The Scandi Turtles Hatching!

It’s been more than two months now since a mother Green Sea Turtle came and laid a clutch of eggs right on Scandi Divers’ doorstep. If you have been following our blog, you will know the eggs were moved to a protected area further up the beach, away from the dangers of storm waves, animals and people.

We have been patiently waiting and monitoring the turtle eggs, and were recently rewarded when 54 baby turtles emerged from the sand! It has taken a total of 73 days for the eggs to hatch, which is right inside the average time of 45-75 days.

For the past 4 years, our friends at Coco Beach have been running a turtle sanctuary to try and improve the odds of survival for turtles, and increase the population. The sanctuary raises the turtles until adolescence (approx 2-3 yrs) when they will have a shell size of about six to eight inches, before releasing them into their natural environment.

Normally in the wild only about one in one hundred turtles will survive into adulthood.

Our 54 hatchlings have already been transferred to the sanctuary and 3 juvenile turtles were released to make room for our little critters. We hope the 3 teenagers thrive in their natural environment, and hope to see them around in our local waters for years to come!

Scandi Sea Turtles Project

scandi divers  resort puerto galera sea turtle

On the night of August 11 a mother green sea turtle came ashore and laid 135 of her eggs next to Scandi Divers front steps. The eggs will hatch after about two months, when the baby turtles will dig themselves out and return to the sea.

We undertook to transfer the eggs to a higher area down the beach at Cataquis Lodge, away from the danger of storm waves. The green sea turtle is an endangered species so we will closely monitor the hatching to ensure all the baby turtles make it safely to the ocean.

Green turtles almost always nest on the same beach used by their mothers, so we wish them all the best and hope to see this family of turtles returning for years to come.