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Tech Divers with a Turtle – Video

You know how much we love our turtles, so here’s another vid of a beautiful turtle happily munching away, with tech divers Marti Duggan and Steve Wright lurking in the background 😉

Advanced Recreational Trimix – Tech Diving with Scandi Divers

technical diving puerto galera
Marti Duggan doing Advanced Recreational Trimix with instructor Steve Wright
Congratulations to Marti Duggan, on completing his IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix course with tech diving instructor Steve Wright!

Marti, who is a long-time local identity here, and owner/manager of Marti’s Bar in Sabang, completed the course over a two week period.

The Advanced Rec Trimix course is designed to introduce divers to safe decompression diving using helium, and up to 100% O2 for deco gas.

Course includes theory, one confined water session and 4 dives to a maximum depth of 48 meters.

advanced recreational trimix puerto galera
Final Checks
tech diving puerto galera
This stuff weighs a ton!

Anyone interested in extending their depth and range capabilities, and challenging themselves, please use our inquiry form.

Technical and Sidemount Diving at Scandi Divers

technical diving puerto galera
Tech Diving Instructors Steve Wright and Terry O’Dowd – Ready for a tech dive

Scandi Divers Resort is very pleased to announce that we have are now offering Sidemount diving and Technical diving, as courses and recreational dives.

What is Sidemount Diving?

Sidemount diving offers a completely new way to configure your diving equipment and has taken the diving community by storm over the last few years. Sidemount diving offers great streamlining capability and helps divers to improve their propulsion and trim. This has an immediate effect on your air consumption, and makes you a more efficient diver. Sidemount diving is also ideal for divers with back problems!

Sidemount diving in Puerto Galera
Terry helping instructor Fred, after a sidemount traning dive.

Technical Diving with Scandi: IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix courses.

For divers wishing to explore the depths beyond the limits of recreational diving, Trimix is the clear choice. A breathing mixture of oxygen, helium and nitrogen, Trimix allows you to manage the risks of elevated oxygen concentrations and nitrogen narcosis, giving you a clear head when it really matters… You’ll discover the benefits of Trimix diving and learn to assess and manage the hazards associated with extended range diving. You’ll develop your dive skills to safely and competently plan and conduct dives utilising Helium-based breathing gases.

This course is deisgned to introduce divers to safe decompression diving using helium, and up to 100% O2 for deco gas.

Twin tank diving in Puerto Galera
Twin tank diving offers extra redundancy and safety as well as extended range.

Contact us to find out about doing technical or sidemount diving and courses with Scandi Divers Resort!