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Discover Scuba Diving – Guest Review

Discover Scuba DivingEvery day at Scandi Divers, we give people the experience of a lifetime and take them scuba diving in one of the best scuba diivng locations in the world. With almost 40 scuba dive sites, the Puerto Galera diving is absolutely world class.

On a fairly regular basis, we run the Discover Scuba Diving course, a 2 hour program that is designed to introduce people to the incredible world of scuba diving.

We asked one of our recent guests to write about his Discover Scuba Diving experience. Here’s John:


That sums up my first scuba diving experience…

I recently went scuba diving with the team over at Scandi Divers.

I had heard a lot about the scuba diving in Puerto Galera before, but I’d never really considered checking it out. That is, until I went snorkelling. After an hour or two snorkelling out the front of Scandi Divers at Big La Laguna Beach, I decided that I had to give scuba diving a shot.

I enrolled in Scandi’s Discover Scuba Diving course.

First, I watched the official PADI video about the course. The video explained basic diving skills, how to stay safe and how to make the most of my dive.

After the video, Terry, one of Scandi’s friendly dive instructors, took me through a demonstration on how to use the diving equipment. He explained how to breathe with the regulator, how to check how much oxygen I had left and how to inflate my BCD (buoyancy control device – it makes you float).

Following the demonstration, we jumped into the pool and practiced with the equipment. We swam down to a depth of 5 meters, floating up and diving down.

Next, we climbed onto the diving boat and went roaring off through the waves to the Manila Channel, one of the famous Puerto Galera dive sites.

We strapped on our gear and fell back into the warm tropical water. I put the regulator in my mouth and prepared for my descent into the underwater world.

It’s very hard to describe what the experience was like.

It feels like you’re going to another planet. It was like another world, with entirely new animals, new colors and new laws of physics.

Scandi Divers Dive ResortAt a depth of around 12 meters, we stopped descending. The current kept us moving through the channel. We passed otherworldly forests of coral and bright alien explosions of color.

Fish swam through the forests, chasing each other and peaking out from their hiding places. On the ocean floor, there were these giant clam-like creatures. Later that day, Terry explained that it was a type of sponge.

We passed by a field of sea snakes. I say “field” because that was exactly what it looked like – a group of seasnakes had poked their heads out of the ocean floor and were swaying in the current like trees do in a gale.

After 40 minutes, we made for the surface and called the boat.

Hands down, this was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long, long time. I’ll be back for more!

With a certified PADI Scuba Dive center, we have everything you need for a world-class diving experience. Whether it’s your first time or thousandth time in the water, we’ll show you an amazing time.

Check out our Scuba Dive Course Prices for more information.